Pitch, Hit, and Run Competition Results - April 7, 2018

The following are the winners of Pitch Hit & Run competition:



     Age 7/8
          Overall: Caitlyn Van Zyl
          Pitch: Caitlyn Van Zyl
          Hit: Caitlyn Van Zyl
          Run: Caitlyn Van Zyl

     Age 9/10
          Overall: Emma Coates
          Pitch: Emma Coates
          Hit: Emma Coates
          Run: Emma Coates


     Age 11/12
          Overall: Ashley Flynn
          Pitch: Ashley Flynn
          Hit: Ashley Flynn
          Run: Kaylee Johnson


     Age 13/14
          Overall: Cecelia Figueroa
          Pitch: Cecelia Figueroa
          Hit: Cecelia Figueroa
          Run: Brooke Haines


     Age 7/8
          Overall: Isabella Palita
          Pitch: Brady Hill
          Hit: Isabella Palita
          Run: Brady Hill


     Age 9/10
          Overall: Sean Latsch
          Pitch: Dalton Carr, Nicholas Logan, and

               Logan Spano
          Hit: Aidan Kearney
          Run: Logan Spano


     Age 11/12
          Overall: Jesse Palita
          Pitch: Liam Hillegass
          Hit: Ben Palita
          Run: Chris Latsch


     Age 13/14
          Overall: Ben Stipe
          Pitch: Ben Stipe
          Hit: Ben Stipe
          Run: Ben Stipe

Congratulations to all the winners!  You will be contacted regarding the details for sectionals.  Thank you to all who participated despite the cold temperatures!  Best of luck on the next round! 

Haunted Park & Hayride

The 2019 Haunted Park & Hayride will be held on October 11 and 12 from 6:30 to 10:00 p.m.  Tickets are $10 ages 10 and older and $5 for ages 9 and under.  The first two hayrides of each night are less scary for younger visitors.  On Friday, October 11, the OARA hosts a Fortune Teller for your enjoyment.  Tickets for the Fortune Teller are $5; this attraction is for ages 18 and older.*  

This year, M&M Catering will be providing food both nights.  We are happy to welcome back the display of quirky, creepy hearses, as well as David the Sword Swallower.


The OARA would like to extend a special thank you

to the "Red Jack O'Lantern" sponsors of

the Haunted Park & Hayride event:

LandHopeLogo_rnd.v1 (1).jpg

Life is better at the Farm!  At Landhope Farms in Oxford, you'll enjoy fresh coffee, a real deli, and breakfast all day!  Fill up your car on the way to that Saturday football game and grab some snacks for the kids!  Want to see what else Landhope Farms has to offer?  Check out the Landhope Farms website by clicking on the link above.  And don't forget to stop by and see them on your way into or out of town!

Elk Creek Veterinary Services is a small animal veterinary clinic offering medical and surgical services for companion animals.  Their staff is kind, caring, and friendly.  But don't take our word for it!  Bring your fur baby in and watch how they pour out their love for your animals!  If you're interested in making an appointment or seeing what services are offered, check out their website.


The OARA would also like to thank our Green and Blue Jack O'Lantern sponsors:

A Helping Hand image.png

We greatly appreciate all of our sponsors for the kindness and generosity. 

If  you are a business in the Oxford Area and are interested in sponsoring any of the Park's events, please send an email to treasoara@gmail.com